Today We Can Only All Hope To Be This Young Tap Dancer

Girl, you’re a star. Don’t let anyone try to make you do that boring choreography. “How will I inspire the world, then?” ask them. “If I’m doing the same boring dance as the no-brain next to me, no offense, how will the world be reminded that the most fun is had by those who think for themselves? By those who quite literally dance to the beat of whatever drummer they want?” And if he or she persists, telling you that you have to learn the rules of dance before you can break them, ask them, “Have you broken them? Have you inspired an auditorium full of bored parents to laugh, their eyes wide with joy, at your distinct expression of yourself? No. You’ve learned the rules, stuck to them, demonstrated your ability to follow them over and over again, and for what?” For nothing, girl. For nothing. (Via DailyPicks.)