This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Hmmmm. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about the status of each of our friends on New Girl. This week’s episode, “The Box,” had plenty of funny moments — Nick explaining that a man’s dream is to be playing a saxophone in an alley while a girl walks by with a purse with gems on it, Winston’s candelabra, “a couple of best friend horses,” “wood-word,” — but it seemed to dig deeper into what feels like a rut, with everybody. Winston still has nothing to do. Nick and Jess are funny together, but their relationship seems to have closed off the possibility for outside plot action in a lot of ways (not that I think it needs to, necessarily) — the group now rarely even leaves the apartment, more often staying inside to YELL, Schmidt, well, we’ll just have to see about Schmidt. (PS: Does anyone have a job anymore?) It is still successfully funny (though, all the yelling does make it seem like it isn’t quite sure that it is still successfully funny), but a bit worrisome. (If we were in the business of worrying about sitcoms.) To be honest, though, I do feel like I’m judging a turn of plot in the middle of the plot’s turn, which isn’t fair. So. WE’LL SEE! NEXT: I enjoyed The Mindy Project this week! Ben Feldman, everybody! LADIES! What a dreamboat. Unfortunately, and this is the kind of news I hate to report, I just googled him to make sure I knew his name and as it turns out he just got married. A sad day 4sure. Chris Messina is also off the market. It’s like, can’t a girl marry anyone she wants to marry from The Mindy Project? This is odd, since The Mindy Project is def not one of my fav shows, but I think Chris Messina’s “Danny Castellano” is one of my favorite sitcom characters on TV at the moment. Loved when he said Jon Bon Jovi “got us through Sandy.” I’m enjoying how Glenn Howerton is basically playing the lawyer character from It’s Always Sunny, opposite The Mindy Project gang acting as the It’s Always Sunny characters. I wish they would balance out Mindy’s flighty personality with some scenes of her being smart or doing her job well, because, uh, why is this empty head a doctor? But I WILL TAKE WHAT I CAN GET FROM TMP. Which, this week, was a good amount of #laughs. NEXT:

I was only able to see two other shows this week: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was good. Dean Winters, everybody! ALWAYS A TREAT! I am continuing to enjoy the use of Chelsea Peretti very much. The episode showed, probably the best the series has yet, how well the cast already works with each other. It’s as if they skipped over a whole season of growing pains — but do we need that season of growing pains?! Are we just too familiar with these character types, has the path already been worn down?! Are we going to get bored soon??? I don’t know!!! But I liked this episode, it was gooood! AND FINALLY: Parks and Recreation. Aziz Ansari’s British accent was great. Tatiana Maslany as Nadia was great. I really liked Donna and Leslie’s less-than-perfect-but-human-and-okay make-up at the end. I liked Ben trying to talk to Ron about mortality. Jon Glaser is always very good. GOOD EP. No complaints. How about you, though? What complaints do you have? TELL MEEEEE!