Alison Gold – “Chinese Food” (Official Music Video)

Patrice Wilson continues to prove that the brainstorming technique of looking at whatever is around you, saying it, and having that be the thing you write about (“uhh, I don’t know, desk chair? garbage can? computer? computer in garbage can? computer on fire in garbage can? me with it?”) really CAN work! To create an often completely inappropriate, mind-blowing, intense, super weird nightmare! Ark Music Factory, you’ve done it again! PLEASE STOP!* WHERE ARE THE PARENTS? SERIOUSLY? WHY IS CHINESE FOOD YOUR FANTASY GET A BETTER FANTASY YOU CAN EAT THAT STUFF WHENEVER YOU WANT, PLEASE CALL YOUR PARENTS THERE IS A STRANGE ADULT MAN IN YOUR BEDROOM! (Via Dlisted.)

*It is also more than fair to say that we should all stop paying attention to it. If Ark Music Factory music videos incorporate some Josie and the Pussycats-style subliminal messaging, we — not they — will be at most to blame.