The Walking Dead Season Four Premiere Open Thread

I don’t watch The Walking Dead, and Gabe (now a zombie himself) didn’t even watch the last season of The Walking Dead, so it would probably be fair enough to let the season four premiere come and go without saying a word about it. The end. Hahah. THE END, END OF POST, GOODBYE. No, I’m kidding, of course I’m going to say more — I’ve already opened my text mouth and the letter noises have to come out. But: I feel like a bunch of you guys still watch The Walking Dead? I feel like we partially got you into this Walking Dead mess, and now you’re real deep in it, and I don’t want to take away a forum for Walking Dead discussion that might serve as a Purpose rope in the zombie quicksand. (Just this one time, though.) (We’re not going to do this every week, so please enjoy it.) (If you are even here. Are you all off somewhere enjoying Columbus Day?)  (If so: how dare you. If some of us have to spend our time on a computer talking about The Walking Dead on a beautiful day like today, ALL OF US DO.) So, for you, I have scanned a few Walking Dead recaps from other blogs and will do my best to pretend like I watched it. Soooo. That thing about the animals dying was pretty sad, right? I hate to see animals die. And when Patrick got sick at the end with the same thing that the animals had and died? Whaaaaat! It’s like, zombies sure, but Patrick getting sick with the animal disease and dying?! No way! And now Daryl, Glen, Hershel, Carol, and Sasha are the leaders together, and Rick doesn’t even want to carry a gun? It’s like, which show am I even watching here! Is Clara okay? Are Glen and Maggie going to have a baby? What are they going to name it? How is Carl doing with all of it, do you think? Is it confusing to have characters named Carl, Carol, and Clara? DID U WATCH, WHAT DID U THINK?