Is This Weird Gossip Story About Woody Allen Actually About A Ghost?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that I would like the address of, do you need a rock roommate?, I’m clean but not annoying about it!, you’ve heard that Mia Farrow recently spilled the beans to Vanity Fair that her son Ronan might have been made with Frank Sinatra parts rather than Woody Allen parts. Ronan played it very cool. But how is Woody Allen playing it? Well, if you believe this story from Page Six, he is playing it almost exactly like a ghost would play it:

Is Woody Allen feeling haunted by the Mia Farrow-Frank ­Sinatra revelations?

The director was spotted looking thoughtfully at Harry Benson’s iconic photograph of Farrow and Sinatra entering Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, which was on display at the Holden Luntz Gallery’s stand at the Park Avenue Armory art and antiques show Thursday.

An onlooker told us, “Woody just stood there looking at the photo of Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra, studying it intently. He didn’t say a word. Eventually, he quietly moved on.”

Ahhhh, GHOST! “Woody just hovered above the ground, his body slightly see-through, while making a spooky ‘boooo’ type of noise that you would only be able to hear if you had an EVP recording device, most commonly used on ghost hunting television shows. After looking at Harry Benson’s iconic photograph of Farrow and Sinatra for quite a bit of time, he floated right through the photo, until he was completely out of sight. He must be pretty bummed!” So, what do you think? Did this creep watch Woody Allen look at a photo and then write about it, or did this creep see a ghost? YOU BE THE VOTER!

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