This Week In GIFs!

Do-do-do-do ya have it, GIFS! Guts, y’all! Nickelodeon’s Guts theme, but with GIFs instead! I can hardly keep with all of these cool references today, and I’m the one who’s making them. I can only IMAGINE how you guys are feeling about it! (Very good?) Are you ready to look at some GIFs? We have all kinds of GIFs to remind you of the week we spent together: Gravity GIFs, Cabin in the Woods GIFs, Saturday Night Live GIFs, sitcom GIFs, Fox News newsroom GIFs. All kinds. Let’s go look! C’mon!

Miley Cyrus hosted and musical-guested Saturday Night Live!

We all saw Gravity together, as a family!

Scarlett Johansson was named Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive”!

Fox News’s newsroom is VERY high tech!

Britney Spears didn’t like the final episode of Breaking Bad!

We watched Cabin in the Woods together, as a family!

And, finally, we all watched comedy on TV!