Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Will Ferrell made 70 different ads for Durango as Ron Burgundy. That is too many ads. That’s all I have to say about that. Well, that and buy a Durango, I guess! #Durango4Car -Splitsider
  • Fox and Friends hosts fell for a satirical blog post that stated that Barak Obama was personally funding a Muslim museum and reported it on TV as fact.  Very cool dudes over there! Must be all that tech. -DeathAndTaxes
  • Tom Hanks has Type 2 diabetes, and ALSO a Twitter account. Did you know he had a Twitter account?! I didn’t! -Dlisted
  • Here are the nine greatest, according to NextMovie, full-episode TV tributes to movies. Don’t you wish google could just tap into all of our brains and produce a real list of the greatest full-episode TV tributes to movies based on everyone’s real feelings? -NextMovie
  • Have you seen this telekinesis coffee shop prank ad for Carrie? I would kind of like it if this prank had been pulled on me because then you’d have something to talk about if you were stuck with an acquaintance. “Ohmygod, did I tell you about this thing?” -FilmDrunk