Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday, and if you live in Los Angeles you can celebrate its return by going to an art gallery and seeing some The Walking Dead art! It sounds like a terrible time to me, but, hey, different floats for different boats! -/Film
  • Jimmy Fallon and Paul McCartney switch accents in this little Late Night short, and Paul McCartney’s accent is very bad. -LateNight
  • NBC has acquired the rights to Welcome to Sweden, a comedy series from Amy Poehler and her brother Greg Poehler that originally ran on Sweden’s TV4 (the first-ever English-language series on the network). Hey! -Deadline
  • Over at Vulture, Paul Feig talks about how to edit improv-heavy movies. “Well, first you have to import the files into Final Cut,” etc. -Vulture
  • It looks like Runner Runner isn’t the great film that every no one thought it would be. -Dlisted
  • Here is a video interview with Parkland director and screenwriter Peter Landesman, as well as Paul Giamatti and Jacki Weaver. In case you wanted to watch one. I’m just trying to give you things that you might want! -RogerEbert