Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Gandalfini. -TomHanksy
  • Quentin Tarantino made a list of his top ten favorite movies of 2013 so far. I agree with many of his choices, especially The Lone Ranger. One of the greats! -TarantinoArchives
  • Amy Poehler wrote about an old summer job for the New Yorker, and it is a true Monday morning treat. -NewYorker
  • Here are all of the references in Guillermo Del Toro’s Simpsons opening from last night’s “Treehouse of Horror” episode, revealed. Guess how many I knew? Trick question I’m NOT A NERD. So I DIDN’T TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT. Also I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING.- /Film
  • Speaking of the Simpsons, it will never, ever end. -RollingStone
  • Warming Glow has ranked fall’s new network shows based on their Nielsen ratings, and the list is, as it usually goes when you see shows listed by their Nielsen rankings, kind of sad, but sometimes makes sense, but then also sometimes doesn’t make sense at all! -WarmingGlow