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OH THANK GOD. The end of the week, oh, I thought you’d never come! Now we all get to go see Gravity together and then bury ourselves underground until Monday! I am very excited for that movie. It’s going to be such a beautiful nightmare! Please enjoy it and all of the other beautiful nightmares that await you this weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday.

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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 brittadictarnold | Sep 30th Score:39


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#4 lawblog | Sep 30th Score:44
I looooooved that scene with Gretchen and Elliot. From “You’re going to need a bigger knife” to “I hired the two greatest assassins west of the Mississippi” I loved how Walt played up his image to scare these rich people. Like, those lines were straight from a cheesy movie, yet they worked on them because ivory tower.
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#3 catweazle | Sep 30th Score:47


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#1 stu | Sep 30th Score:56
My favorite part of that scene may have been how, after watching his whole family machine gunned down, Todd’s main emotion seems to that he’s really impressed by how Mr White pulled it off. Fucking psychopath to the end!
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[Ed. Note: I’ll miss Breaking Bad for sure, but what I’ll miss the most are the Breaking Bad comments. (That is obviously a lie, but I do love all the Breaking Bad comments!) Congrats, my baby blues!]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

heimaey | Oct 1st Score:-11
Oh my god a downvote. Maybe I’ll get an EGOT if I get lowest rated. Well maybe I have had lowest before? Ugh I can’t remember.
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[Ed. Note: Ah, well, I hope this helps!]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

[Ed. Note: Congratulations, hipsterdad! You earned it.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

catweazle | Oct 1st Score:36
Congress? Corn dress! Cut the crap and work on crafts!



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