Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Videogum Movie Club Reminder: Let’s all go see Gravity this weekend, finally, and then talk about it on Monday!
  • Videogum SpooOOOooOky Movie Club Reminder: Hey, two movie clubs! This week let’s all watch: Cabin in the Woods!
  • An Albuquerque newspaper ran what could be considered a Breaking Bad spoiler if you have not yet watched Breaking Bad, you lunatic, so I won’t say what it is. Click 2 find out! -TheAtlantic
  • It is insane how much money Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy has cost to make so far. Can you imagine what we could all do with this money?! Go on so many nice vacations! And fly first class!! And pay off all of our loans!!! -/Film 
  • In case you want to read about how the special effects were done in Gravity before you see the movie, here you go! (My guess is that they just figured out how to film a nightmare!) -FilmDrunk
  • Kim Kardashian’s baby is very, very cute. Stay cute, my little friend! Be careful about growing up! -Dlisted
  • And finally, Louis C.K. spoke about the fourth season of Louie, among other things, at a PaleyFest panel. Here’s what he said! -Splitsider