This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Oh, The Mindy Project. Just as I thought I was on board your creaky ship, you push me right into the water with your inability to end Mindy’s relationship with Casey in a way that either made sense or was funny enough that it didn’t matter whether or not it made sense. While it was obvious that Mindy’s relationship with Casey would end — the show is just more The Mindy Project when The Mindy’s love life is still a Project — it’s frustrating that more thought wasn’t put into why. He wants to be a DJ now, and then wants to be an event planner, so now he doesn’t know what he wants? What?! SINCE WHEN? We’ve been watching this relationship for so many episodes and there was never a hint that he might be unhappy in his life as a pastor, or in any way fickle. We’ve invested hours! OF OUR ONE LIFE! WHICH IS ADMITTEDLY OUR FAULT AND OUR CHOICE BUT SOME OF US HAVE BLOGS 2 BLOG! Listen, I’m not going to put more thought into The Mindy Project than The Mindy Project does — the end. Hahah. NEXT. New Girl made me very nervous. You have to wonder: why don’t Jess and Nick just move out? Hahah. They are 100 years old. They can move out of an apartment rather than live in it with an insane dude who is trying to ruin their relationship. Also: for the third episode in a row Winston was just thrown something weird to occupy him while the rest of the group went on with their real lives. GIVE WINSTON A REAL LIFE! I LOVE YOU NEW GIRL, DON’T DO THIS TO ME! GIMME WINSTON! Nick’s reaction to Winston wanting to bring his cat to dinner was very funny. Let’s take a jump and then talk about the other things!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine focused on Andy Samberg losing his ability to solve cases, which seemed a little quick — we just met Andy Samberg! (Policeman Andy Samberg.) One of the, like, two things about him that we know is that he is a good policeman, and now you’re going to take that away from us?! This would have been a problem, probably, is the series weren’t already so wonderful and confident. But it is so it wasn’t! LOL. (I have a secret fear that Brooklyn Nine-Nine might burn out sooner than we think it will, as it seems to rest so heavily on the back of Parks and Recreation, which we’ve already been watching for so many seasons. I think that association is partly why it’s so easy to connect with the characters and their humor, but also might lead to some early fatigue.) (I hope not, though! We’ll see!) Gina’s “Yep, it does not work,” about being in the child narc program was very funny.

Parks and Recreation was good. Is April really not going to go to that school now? April, come on! Leslie’s Eagleton hatred was fun to watch. (“Am I proud of it? Yes, because Eagleton sucks.”) If I wanted to nitpick anymore about any of these sitcoms that are just trying to provide us with a little joy before our death, I’d say that Leslie’s turnaround from Eagleton hate to Eagleton sympathy was a little quick, but whatever. The Ron stuff was funny. It was enjoyable. It’s Always Sunny was also enjoyable! The group’s realization that Mac is gay was very good. The League was, as it always is, half enjoyable and half makes-me-feel-bad. I watched a bit of each of the two shows about dads on NBC and did not like them particularly, and again was unable to watch Michael J. Fox’s show but I will next week I swear. Todd Barry was on it this week! I MISSED TODD! WHAT DID YOU THINK?!