The Videogum SpOOoOOooKy October Movie Club!

Hey, this might be fun! I don’t know about you, but I love to watch spooky movies during the month of October. There’s nothing like putting on a sweater, grabbing a pumpkin spice latte from your local cafe, jumping into a big pile of leaves, making a squash risotto, and putting on a good horror flick in the early autumn. So I thought we might do that last one together! (Sort of!) The deal would be that we’d decide, in this post, on some horror movies to watch — they can either be good spooky or silly spooky, but they have to be SPOOKY — and they can’t be HUMAN CENTIPEDEY — and I’d pick the four that seem to have the most support, and arrange them into a weekly schedule. (Which I will post this Friday. October 4.) Then we’d talk about them on Thursdays! You’re probably thinking, “Oh, but there are actually five Thursdays in this October? Eek, how embarrassing,” but UH-YEAH I KNOW THERE ARE FIVE THURSDAYS IN THIS OCTOBER. But I have taken the liberty of making our first choice, because I waited too long to ask for your input. Things can get away from all of us sometimes, I’M ONLY HUMAN! Our first choice is a movie that I have never seen before: The Inkeepers. It is on Netflix Instant, came out in 2011, and is about ghosts. The reviews are mixed. Sounds like the PERFECT start to the thing I waited a bit too long to initially bring up! We’ll discuss it tomorrow! So, what do you say? What movies do you want to watch and discuss? Are you excited about watching The Inkeepers if you didn’t have any other plans tonight? Haha? Tell me what movies you want to watch, let’s get the spooky ball rolling! (Scary movie image via Shutterstock.)