The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

As we all know, the most heartbreaking and upsetting part of the government shutdown is how the National Zoo’s online “Panda Cam” has been forced to go dark. Babies and mothers going without food and workers going without work and a paycheck sure, but no panda cam?! I AM JUST KIDDING. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT THE PANDA CAM! (ALSO STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR ABILITY TO GO TO NATIONAL PARKS PROBABLY?) Who needs the panda cam anyway when we have a billion videos of pandas on YouTube. In just this one Petting Zoo post we have not one but two panda videos! The House Republicans can take away the ability of some to feed their families, but they’ll never TAKE AWAY OUR ABILITY TO WATCH PANDA VIDEOS! Ahhh, let’s not talk about! We have ten wonderful, nonpartisan animal videos for everyone to enjoy. Let’s get to them before we’re too fired up!

10. Monkey Pool Jump

9. Cat Window Fail!!

8. Horse Nibbles Cameraman’s Ear

7. Hahah, Aww. Ferret Fail!

6. Feeding Time Confusion

5. Cat Gets A Hedgehog Surprise

4. Sleeping Pandas

3. Swiffer Cats

2. Persistent Dog

1. Panda Takes A Bath