Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • The ladies of Parks and Recreation spend a ton of money on clothes. Also can I borrow $3,000 or actually just have it, please? (For clothes?) -Jezebel
  • Junior Masterchef premieres on Fox tonight and it looks very silly. We’re going to talk about it on Monday, so be prepared! (If you want to!) (Or don’t, live your life!)  -JuniorMasterchef
  • Slate, masochist that it is, has put together a supercut of every bad thing that has ever happened to Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. OUR SWEET BABY! (There are lots of bad things that have happened to him.) -Slate
  • Robert Downey Jr. owns a six-foot flying RC Iron Man. -FilmDrunk
  • Apparently Game of Thrones’s fourth season will have the biggest death count yet. I still haven’t gotten through the first season, do lots of people die on that show? (Jk.) (I know people die.) (No-JK about not having gotten through the first season though.) -/Film