This Week in Movie Trailers, You Guys

Need for Speed? More like need for speeding up the introduction to this week’s movie trailer roundup so we can get to the trailer that has Aaron Paul in it! Right? That’s what the should’ve called that movie. It certainly wouldn’t be as forgettable-looking as it is now if it were called that instead, okay let’s get to it!

Need for Speed

I will forever support Aaron Paul in anything he chooses to do — he is my life partner and I love him and will stay forever by his side, in good times and bad — but ahhhhhh… This movie doesn’t look like it’s going to be too good! That voiceover is pretty bad and the action looks fairly boring. Obviously I love it and I give it two thumbs up, it is a must-see, one of the best movies of any year, but maybe let’s wait until it’s on Netflix and then watch it alone on a Friday night when all of our friends are out of town and we don’t have anything better to do and we’re a little sleepy. LOVE YOU, AARON!


Reviews of Diana in the UK have been almost uniformly negative. Empire said it is “more terrible and tacky than one could have imagined,” which is PRETTY HARSH! But as long as the running-through-the-streets-with-shopping-bags scene is set to “Modern Love,” I think it’ll be just fine. (In the event that that scene isn’t set to “Modern Love”: I can see why one would think it was tacky, the trailer makes it out to seem fairly tacky. It doesn’t look too good. Marking it down in my movie diary as a “won’t see.”)

Dom Hemingway

Emilia Clarke looks beautiful and that baby looks sweet as pie. I’m not sure how great this movie will be, but it looks like Jude Law will, at least, be fun to watch in it. Plus those things I said about Emilia Clarke and the baby.