Dallas Is Covered In Spiders And Spider Webs

You wake up in your bed, same as ever, but something seems a little off. You’ve woken to your alarm, so it must be early morning, but outside your windows it seems like night. Actually, upon closer inspection, it doesn’t seem like anything — it seems each and every one of your windows has been covered from the outside. Your heart rate increases and your breath quickens. You look around you hesitantly, afraid of what you might see. Are you being robbed? Are you being held captive in your own home? Oh no. Terrified, you walk through the house to the front door and try to open it. The knob turns, but pushing the door is difficult, like it’s being held down from the outside. You get a running start and, after a few tries, manage to ram through, only to be IMMEDIATELY COVERED IN SPIDER WEBS! YOUR EYES AND MOUTH AND BODY ARE ALL COVERED IN SPIDER WEBS, AS IS YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE AND ALSO YOUR ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD! WHAT IS GOING ON?! WHAT!? IS?! GOING?! ON?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!

What a disgusting nightmare. Spiders, man. I get that they “eat bad bugs” or whatever people say, but do they have to be so scary when they do it? Seriously. Get it together, spiders. (PS: That guy def watches too much SciFi.) (Via Gawker.)