It’s Time For Our Routine Checkup

Now, there’s no reason to be worried. I’m sure we’re all perfectly healthy. It’s just that we haven’t had a checkup in a while, so I thought it would be good to sit down and check our blog pressure and weight, etc. You know, a checkup. Talk about how we should be flossing or exercising or recapping more, depending on what type of checkup it is, etc. Maybe take some x-rays of our teeth or our bodies (bloggies). You get it? So, let’s sit down and talk!

Things have changed in the past two months (for example, it has been pretty Kelly around here lately) but for the most part I feel like the Videogum ship is still on course. You guys are still here and are forever funny and wonderful, plus I positioned a mirror behind my computer to help with the loneliness, so that’s nice! We have some exciting things coming up in the future, and every day I wake up with a little bit of enthusiastic joy mixed in with my anxiety, but I wanted to ask you: What would you like to see in Videogum’s future? What do you think is missing? (Please don’t say Gabe Delahaye — I can bring him back, but I simply refuse to.) One thing that we’re trying to do is bring in more freelance voices, to help dilute the sound of my voice a bit: What do you want those voices to say? Would you like them to say reviews of movies? Would you like to say television recaps? If so, what shows do you think we should be covering? Would like you to see more humorous content that is neither a recap nor a movie review? Let us know! Would you like to see more of yourself on Videogum? Then submit something! Why don’t you just submit something then?! Of course there’s no guarantee that what you submit will work for the site, but as they say: you miss almost every shot that you do take, but not all of them, so that’s why you should keep shooting.

And while we’re here, why don’t you follow us on Facebook? We’re great on Facebook! I mean, we’re at the very least totally fine on Facebook. Oh, you should follow our Tumblr, too. It looks so nice now! And how about this, would you like to subscribe to a weekly or bi-monthly Videogum newsletter? Well, you can’t! Because we don’t have one! But is that something you would like? Let us know! And let us know whatever else you’d like to let us know, as long as it’s constructive and not mean-spirited! WE ARE SEMI-FRAGILE. WE = ME. ME ARE SEMI-FRAGILE. (Photo via Shutterstock.)