How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

As the leaves turn from green to fall colors, the air turns from warm to crisp, and the night sky turns from bright until late to dark pretty early, it’s important to remember that it is still very nice outside and that you should go outside! QUICK, BEFORE WINTER COMES! Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen went to CONEY ISLAND today and had a HOT DOG, for goodness’ sake. Though, the fact that Sir McKellen has a sweater on and Sr Stewart has a sleeveless t-shirt on makes it is a little hard to judge the appropriateness of the summer afternoon they enjoyed. What was the temp, guys? Next time you tweet, how about tweeting the temp so we know which one of you was right about your clothing choice. C’mon, dudes, that’s just basic Twitter stuff. It looks like they’re having a wonderful day, though. A wonderful Hat Day. How’s your day? Also wonderful? Mine has been fine, thank you for asking! (Via PatrickStewart.)