Olivia Newton-John’s Home Has Been Exorcised, If You’d Like To Buy It Now?

Do you dislike ghosts? Would you like to own a home with no ghosts currently inhabiting it at all? A home in which you’re able to be alone without hearing any ghosts noises or seeing any ghostly sights? Well, look no further! Olivia Newton-John is selling her $5.6million ghost-free Florida home! There are definitely no ghosts here! This home has been recently exorcised and there are no ghosts. Let me repeat: there aren’t any ghosts in this home. cc: @rosieodonnell From the Daily Mail:

Grease star Olivia Newton-John ordered an exorcism at her $5.6million Florida home to expel the spirit of a suicide victim.

Mrs Newton-John, 64, flew in a Catholic priest to conduct the ritual after Christopher Pariseleti, a 41-year-old contractor, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the house last month. She is said to have ordered the cleansing ritual to reassure potential buyers that the property is not haunted.

The singer, 64, her husband John Easterling, 61, and two other friends attended the ceremony last week, where prayers were spoken and holy water sprinkled around rooms in the house, according to the Sunday Express.

The decision to hold the ritual was made after comedian Rosie O’Donnell pulled out of buying the home, for which she had previously offered $5.6million. …

It was also reported that Mr Pariseleti, a married father of two, killed himself after he was refused a loan by Mrs Newton-John to keep his business afloat, and chose to do it on the property to disrupt the sale.

Eeek. For every silly story about Olivia Newton-John exorcising her home so Rosie O’Donnell won’t be afraid of the ghosts who live there, there is an incredibly sad story about why they think there’s a ghost there in the first place. It’s only a cliché because it’s true. Elsewhere, Kurt Cobain’s childhood home is also up for sale. Plz let that one come with the ghost! (Thanks for the tip, badideajeans.)