Did You Meet The Mother Last Night?

“Hello.” “Oh, hello.” “My name is Ted. I am the guy here with the sad face who needs to find love.” “Oh, hello, Ted. I am a pretty lady and my skin is perfect.” “There have been lots of pretty ladies before you, but you seem like a special pretty lady. Though, in the past other pretty ladies have also seemed special. Not all of them, but some. What makes you the most special?” “I play bass and am charming. We are at a wedding.” “Yes, we are at a wedding. At one point, you were in the rain. I believe that’s when I saw you.” “Yes, I believe so.” [Scene.] That is what I gathered from photos I’ve seen of the premiere of How I Met Your Mother’s final season last night. Was I close?! I didn’t watch because I haven’t seen any of the episodes, so why would I ever start now. To be able to write an informed blog post about it the next day? Oooh, la-di-da. Well, Mr. Professional, that’s a fair point, but, uh, hello, doy, I also still don’t think it would be particularly informed because, as I said, I haven’t seen any of the other episodes. I’m almost positive that it would be very similar to the guess-conversation I just shared. “Sad man seems desperate. Why is he so annoying? Pretty lady is nice. I wish she played guitar instead of bass, I hate it when fictional female characters get stuck with bass. No offense to bass players. #flea” I’m assuming lots of you watched it, though. What did you think? Did you cry? Lots of people were tweeting and Facebooking about how they cried. Why did you cry? Too much of sad man’s sad face? Mother too beautiful? Sad about the bass thing, wish she played guitar or drums? Tell me! TELL ME WHY YOU CRIED!