Best New Party Game: Autumn Television Shows

Ah, it is autumn once again! Put on your sweaters and grab your mugs, don’t even pay attention to how it is still pretty warm outside and actually when you’re standing in the sun it’s fairly hot! This is our time (fall) and WE WILL ENJOY IT THE WAY WE WANT TO! To ease us into enjoying in, how about a party game? About a hundred years ago we played an Autumn Movies party game, but up until today we have NEVER played an Autumn Television Shows party game. What gives? What, do we hate TV? I don’t want to accuse us of anything rude and untrue, but as far as I can tell we all loathe television and just want to shove it right into the disgusting dirt and hope it just rots all of its stupid guts out, that’s how much we hate it. That’s fine if it’s true! If it’s not true, though, maybe you can play this party game. Either way. I’ll go first, specifically so I can say Raking Bad and no one else can:

  • Raking Bad
  • Leaves It to Beaver
  • American Cider Story
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Men 
  • New Sweater Girl
Fun! You take your turn, then let’s go not jump in a pile of leaves!