The 2013 Emmy Awards Video Pizza Party

Emmys, Emmys, Emmys ooooooh! (Justin Bieber.) It’s Emmys night, and Neil Patrick Harris is backstage getting ready to host. Stars from television sit in their seats hoping that their name will soon be called, if they are nominated for an award. If they are not nominated they’re thinking, “Maybe next year this night will be different for me, but at least I was invited to come to the Emmys. I’m doing well, I need to remember that I’m doing well.” After googling “what time are the Emmys on,” all across the country people are turning on their televisions, or changing the channel over to the channel that the Emmys are on. “Which star will win an award?” they’re thinking. “Will my favorite star win? What will tomorrow be like for me? And the next day, and the day after that? Will the pain life brings ever seem appropriately balanced out by happiness–” Oh, Emmys night, in our greedier moments we wish you’d come more than once a year, but once is already more than we deserve! OH, EMMYS! Do you remember who was nominated? Remind yourself here. Some of our favorite friends! BENNY CUMBS! BREAKY BADDIES! HOUSEY CARDS! JASEY BATEY! ETC.! I can’t wait to see them all lose to Modern Family! Let’s watch, chat together, and shout whenever we see them. Grab a drink, let’s go! #breakingbad #imeanemmys