Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • During the RidicuList segment of Anderson Cooper 360 last night, Anderson spoke about Man Man’s “End Boss,” a song that seems like it is about a Wolf planning to eat a baby, and turns out being about Wolf Blitzer planning to eat a baby. -Stereogum
  • We talked about Louis C.K.’s Conan appearance already, but we haven’t specifically talked about the clip where he talks about why his kids aren’t allowed to have cell phones! It’s a very good clip! -Dlisted
  • Hey, did you know there was a Miley Cyrus documentary headed your way? There was! I mean, there is! It’s called Miley: The Movement, and you can watch the trailer for it now. -FilmDrunk
  • The Tupac biopic, Tupac, that was supposed to shoot back in 2011 has gotten new financing and looks like it could, once again, be a possibility! -/Film
  • Matthew Weiner  doesn’t seemed especially thrilled about splitting Mad Men’s final season into two parts, either! -THR