This Week in Movie Trailers, You Guys

Hey, we only have four trailers this week! And one of them is good! Nothing like settling into a trailers post on a blog and relaxing with four trailers, one of which is good, on a crisp fall day. Pumpkin spice latte? Give me a break! This is where the season begins oh god let’s just get to them.


I already thought that this movie looked great, and then Bob Odenkirk shows up? Give me a break. Yes, of course. I will 4sure see this movie in a theater with a bunch of people who look and dress just like me.

Grace of Monaco

This teaser trailer did not tell us very much at all. It’s going to be boring? From what I can tell it’s going to be boring. Also Nicole Kidman, as Grace Kelly, is going to look beautiful in this movie! And she’s going to have ridiculous clothes. We can be sure about those two things.

Zero Charisma

Ugh, nerd movies. I will say that this nerd movie does look better than other nerd movies, and I feel bad for having written it off as soon as the trailer began, but the nerd movie genre is just not a genre that interests me. That said, if a nerd friend of mine asked me to see this movie with him or her I would do it, because I am a nice friend and it looks like it could be enjoyable, but I would secretly not be thrilled about it.

Great Expectations