A Spoooooky Update On Famke Janssen’s Book Ghost!

You may remember (how could you forget?!) that last month someone broke into Famke Janssen’s house and left a book called The Lonely Doll standing on a shelf in her bedroom. There were no signs of forced entry and no one was seen on security footage, leading some to believe that she had been visited by a spooky book ghost. (!) In an odd new twist, detectives think that the book wasn’t a ghost book at all. In fact, they believe it had been there all along! From the New York Post:

Detectives are now convinced the children’s book left mysteriously at Famke Janssen’s Soho penthouse last month actually belonged to the “X-Men” actress — because there was a to-do list stuffed inside with her name on it, a law-enforcement source told The Post.

Investigators discovered a few sheets of paper listing errands within the pages of “The Lonely Child,” the source said, adding that Janssen’s name was on at least one note.

“They [detectives] believe that the book belongs to Famke,” the source said. “The book has some connection to her home.”

Uh, yeah, I’m sure the book as a lot of connection to her home, THAT’S WHY THE GHOST CHOSE IT SPECIFICALLY. Also, who writes their name on their to-do lists? Other than ghosts trying to impersonate still-living humans, I mean? Don’t take it from me, though — you can judge the authenticity of the to-do list yourself, as Videogum has obtained an EXCLUSIVE copy:

I don’t know you guys, I think the detectives still have some work to do!