How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was your day today? Was it your wedding day at the Stoke Park Hotel in Buckinghamshire, the very same hotel where Brad Pitt had a meeting while on location for his upcoming movie Fury? And did your friends run up to you and tell you that Brad Pitt was at the bar? And did you say, as retold to E! Online:

“I said to him, ‘Yeah right, and he said, ‘No really, he is in the bar!’ We went through to the private bar…I couldn’t see anything, but could hear our friend who had a camera ask if the newlyweds could have a picture,” she says. “I heard an American accent say, ‘Sure’…I walked through into another part if the bar and came face to face with Brad!”

“I actually gasped and said to myself, ‘Oh my god, it really is you!’ He congratulated us on our wedding said I looked great in my dress, shook our hands and said to pose for a picture. He was very accommodating,” she gushes before adding:

“Unfortunately I didn’t get a kiss from him!”

Hahahah. At the very least, no matter how your day is going, you can be grateful that you are not the groom at a wedding at which Brad Pitt shows up. Sure, your wife will be joking when she says she wishes she had gotten a kiss from him, but will she really be? REALLY? You could never be sure. But, how is your day going, though? Bad? Brad? Tell meeee!