The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top Ten Animal Videos

Almost every week, before writing this quick pre-Petting Zoo blurb, I try to look for some bit of “animal news” to include. As you may have noticed, from how this part of the post is only ever a discussion of the videos you are going to see/how great dogs are/whether or not it is raining, every time I look I realize the same thing: animal news is almost always either sad or boring, and I NEVER WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT! So instead, I want to talk about this: What is the deal with parrots?! THEIR VOICES? My god! Why hasn’t a parrot ever been the murderer in a horror movie? I love them, and I absolutely love watching videos in which they are included, but they can be LEGIT nightmares. The parrot video featured in today’s roundup is probably the best one/scariest one I have ever seen. Plz click through and watch, let’s GOOOOOOOO!

10. Ducklings Following Human

9. Death Metal Pig

8. Kitten Bops Cat On Head

7. Newborn Elephant Seal Butt-Scratching

6. Elephant Mom Rescues Baby Elephant

5. Air Swimming Pomeranian

4. EPIC Cat Tail Fail

3. Juggling Otter

2. Dog Sings Along To Accordion

1. Parrot Shushes Other Parrot