Best New Party Game: Justin Bieber Movies

I don’t mean to condescend to you guys, as I’m sure that many of you know about this already, but just in case you missed this news (we’re busy! it happens!) — over the weekend Justin Bieber Instagrammed a photo of himself with a Batman vs. Superman script, with the hashtag “#robin.” So, so slick, this kid. Naturally, websites published the photo and speculated about what it could mean. Would Bieber play Robin in the Batman vs. Superman movie? Would life finally go our way, for once? Has Hollywood been reading our secret book, in which case we are half happy that they are making our secrets come to life, and half upset that they would betray the “keep out” sticker?! No. According to The Wrap, the script is not authentic and “is most likely part of an upcoming Funny or Die sketch.” BOOOOOOO!!!! BOOOO WE WANT OUR STUPID BIEBER ROBIN! To sooth our broken hearts, I thought we might play a game: Justin Bieber movies. I will go first:

  • From Justin (Bieber) to Kelly (Conaboy)
  • Million Dollar Baby Baby Baby Ooohh
  • Justinsidious: Chapter BOOOOO
  • Famous Children of the Corn
  • Selena (Gomez) (MY LOVE!)
  • Dr. Strangelife or: How I Lost Track of Reality and Love the Beliebers
Your turn now! Just(in) have fun with it.