Jaden Smith Suggests That Kids Drop Out Of School, Is A Child

Everybody In The World Should Just Go Home To Their Mansions And Be Happy With The Life They Were Given. Why Waste Time In School When You Should Be Attempting To Distinguish Your Brand From That Of Your Father’s, While Still Maintaining A Connection Significant Enough To Remind Your Audience Of Why You Are Relevant? School Sucks And Homework Is For Losers And Nerds. I Am A Child. This Is What All Children Think, So It Is Not As Shitty Of An Idea For Me (A Child) To Express As It Might Seem At First. Though, I Am A Child With — For Whatever Reason — Influence Over Other Children, So I Absolutely Have More Responsibility. There Should Be An Adult Somewhere To Explain This To Me And Help Me Manage This Fact. There Is Definitely No Way I Understand The Negative Effect Dropping Out Of High School Can Have On The Adult Lives Of Children, Which Is Partly My Fault, But Mostly The Fault Of Those Who Failed To Raise Me With Any Perspective. You Also Should Consider The School That I Attended Up Until Recently. Do You Think That I Think That That Is How All School Is? Jesus, Can You Imagine How Warped My Perception Of The World Must Be? What A Fucking Nightmare. My Other Tweets Are Hilarious. Please Look At Them, After The Jump.

Aaaaaahahahaha! “I turned 15 long ago.” Incredible. Maybe Jaden Smith doesn’t need to go to school? It seems like he is a genius! He might not understand the business of stocking a book store, but luckily for Will Smith, he does not want to work in a book store. Perfect. A+. Should Jaden Smith TEACH school, maybe? Twitter Class? Can an OT VIII ask LRH’s thetan if Jaden could teach Twitter Class? (Via Celebitchy.)