Best New Party Game: Spin-Offs We Would Be Embarrassed About Watching, But Would Still For Sure Watch

Listen, I know it’s kind of a convoluted party game. What, did you think I typed all of that into the title and thought, “Oh yeah, this makes sense and is fun and easy to understand”? No way, dude. We are on the same page. But sometimes party games are hard, and maybe the hard ones just make you appreciate when the the easier ones come around a little more? Maybe. We’ve gotten a good amount of big spin-off news this week, none of which makes me (I would never speak for you) particularly happy. So I thought, “What spin-off would make me happy?” And I thought, “No spin-offs, none.” And then I thought, “Well, what spin-off would I definitely watch and would secretly make me happy?” And then I thought, “Ohhh, lots!” So here we go, I’ll go first!

  • Rory Gilmore Baracks The Vote: The story of Rory Gilmore as she covers the Barack Obama campaign trail (which is what she left to do at the end of the series) (you remember).
  • 30s Girl: Dan is in his 30s and is still writing Gossip Girl.
  • Not Jesse Pinkman: Aaron Paul is an entirely new character, and the show is about him at his new job, but sometimes there are hints at his dark, meth dealer past. It is mostly just Aaron Paul wearing nice suits, though. I guess it’s kind of like Mad Men.
  • Jared’s Young Adult Nation: Just about Jared from Kid Nation’s life now.

Now it’s your turn! What would you watch? All of my shows, yes, but what else? (Image via Shutterstock.)