We Are Really Just Watching People Watch TV Now

Before I say anything, I do want to point out that reading coverage of TV shows on blogs, especially if you are reading blog like this one, (a great blog), is pretty much just reading people watch TV. Perfect people who are so good at blogging that it is insane, yes, but still — we’re all just reading someone watch TV. It’s a waste of time, but it’s our waste of time, and we love it. (Except for when we hate it.) (Which, actually, happens much more often.) So maybe we are living in a glass TV house throwing stone remotes when we shouldn’t be, but, ahhh, do we really, at the end of our very long days, need to sit on our couch and turn on the TV in order to WATCH OTHER PEOPLE SITTING ON THEIR COUCHES, WATCHING TV?! From Deadline:

Bravo Media has greenlighted limited half-hour unscripted series The People’s Couch to air Sundays at 11:30 PM on October 6, October 13 and October 20. Based on the UK show, Gogglebox (trailer below), The People’s Couch features real people watching and commenting on popular shows and news from the past week. The series will focus on the Fall television season by showcasing avid TV watchers in their homes, as they laugh, cry, talk, gasp, and scream at their TVs watching the network’s new and returning shows.

Why is everybody so obsessed with real people lately? Let me tell you, I know a few real people and they are all so boring! And the thing about them is that they don’t know anything! “In my perfect world, all TV shows would regular people wearing their inside clothes, facing their own TV, and reacting to whatever is on the screen. All other entertainment would be comedians saying literally fucking anything about themselves — BUT IT HAS TO BE ABOUT THEMSELVES. That’s where I draw the line. And computers would be exclusively blog machines.” -Everybody? No, right? Here’s the trailer for Gogglebox, the show it’s based on:

Boy oh boy. What do you guys think? Excited to see what all of our new friends have to say about our shows? Ugh, our new friends are going to be so much better than our old friends. Our old friends were so stupid and real. Now we don’t have to think of anything to say back to them!