BREAKING HAIR NEWS: Brad Pitt Cut His Hair!

Darling don’t you go at cut your hair, do you think it’s gonna make L.A’s Museum of Contemporary Art change its mind about not letting you serve on the board?” Do you think Angelina Jolie sang that to Brad Pitt before he cut his hair? Probably! And then Brad Pitt sang back to her, “I’m just a boy with a new hair cut, and it’s probably for a moo-vie!” Ahh, I bet they have a lot of fun together. So, as you know, we here at Videogum are dedicated to bringing you the latest in Breaking Hair News as soon as it breaks/we see it on another blog. Up until today, the Breaking Hair News has basically always been about Bradley Cooper’s hair. What can we say? The man loves to make hair news and knows how to do it better than anybody else. But today we have a new man in the Breaking Hair News game, and Bradley Cooper should watch out, because he is really BRINGING IT! Brad Pitt, formerly known as Long Hair Brad Pitt, was seen yesterday in England on the set of his upcoming film, Fury, with short hair. Whaaaaaaat?! Where’d his hair go?! He’s been Long Hair Brad Pitt for such a long time I almost even forgot there was short hair underneath all of that long hair! (As a hair journalist, I have to know exactly how hair works.) Did someone steal it? Oh my god. Who stole Brad Pitt’s long hair?! The only person we know it definitely wasn’t is Bradley Cooper. Why would Bradley Cooper want to take energy away from his own Breaking Hair News spotlight? Unless Bradley Cooper designed all of his Breaking Hair News over the past year in an effort to build up the idea that he would never want the BHN spotlight taken away from him, so when he eventually stole Brad Pitt’s hair no one would suspect him. Oh my god. MORE ON THIS STORY AS IT DEVELOPS! (Full Short Hair Brad Pitt photo after the jump, via Dlisted.)