The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

In this week’s edition of Petting Zoo, we have two kangaroo videos and two monkey videos, and three of those — I won’t tell you which, I have to maintain some surprise — involve eating and one of those involves sleeping. It’s the little things, you know? You have to appreciate the little things in life, like videos of animals eating and sleeping. There’s also a video of a dog trying to reach some kind of treat, but his little dog arms are too small. It’s great. We deserve it. Are we ready to get to watching them, or do I have to think of a few more things to say before we’re fully prepared? Hmmmm. It’s 94 degrees right now. Insane, right? Shouldn’t it be nicer than that? Like, shouldn’t it be, I don’t know 78 deg– PETTING ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TIMEEEEEEEE, LET’S GO!

10. Dog Meets Hedgehog

9. Kangaroo Falls Asleep

8. Cat Would Like To Be Let In

7. Piglet And Kittens

6. Kangaroo Eats Apple

5. Dog Can’t Reach Treat

4. Sheep Teaches Bull How To Headbutt

3. Monkey Would Like To Share His Food

2. Monkey Eating Soup

1. Bearded Dragons Wave At Each Other