Who Will Play Lawrence O’Donnell And Anthony Weiner In The, I Hope, Full-Length Movie Version Of This Interview?

Jeff Daniels and Vincent Gallo? I’m not sure that we’re going to get any closer to the correct answer than Jeff Daniels and Vincent Gallo, but we can keep trying. Ummmm. Any older white man in a suit and the dad from Modern Family? Just Lawrence O’Donnell and Anthony Weiner themselves, I’m sure they’d do a great job? I don’t know! But, okay, to backtrack a little: Last night Anthony Weiner appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, where Lawrence O’Donnell asked him one question — “What is wrong with you?” — repeatedly, and accused him, also repeatedly, of being mentally unstable characterized by his need to be in public office and, oh my goodness, it was a very good and SUPER stupid interview. Did Anthony Weiner and Lawrence O’Donnell orchestrate this all specifically for it to be big on the Internet and make bloggers think, “Huh, well I’m still not going to vote for him, but I do like him in this specific insane interview and I will share it on social media”? Is there a comments section on our ballot where we can say, “but hey Anthony, sorry about Lawrence. LOL you were good though”? Want to watch the video, or should we talk about it more?

“Nobody watches the show, who do you think’s online?” Hahahah. I mean, as it turns out we all are, but still: very fair point. BUT THEN SOMEHOW HE DID GO ON THE INTERNET AND CONTINUE, AND IT IS ALSO VERY GOOD!

Love it. Is Lawrence O’Donnell covered under health insurance? Ugh, I hope so, he seems like he could help a lot of people! But back to the original question: Jeff Daniels and Vincent Gallo, right? Ron Howard will direct? Uggghh, I can’t wait!