Quote Of The Day: Vin Diesel Doesn’t Give A Fuck About Batman

If only we could all be as honest in our own lives as Vin Diesel was in this interview about Riddick, when asked for his opinion on Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. What a dream. “Hey Kelly, what do you think about the news that Kim Gordon will appear on the next season of Girls?” “I don’t give a fuck about Kim Gordon appearing on the next season of Girls.” “Hey Kelly, what do you think about the new lines that connect conversations on Twitter?” “I don’t want to talk about Twitter and also don’t give a fuck.” “Hey Kelly, what do you think about, I don’t know, something else?” “I don’t give a fuuuuuuccckkk.” From Clever Movies, via Film Drunk:

Erin White: I wanna know, Vin…what you think about all the haters who are hating on a Ben Affleck Batman movie?

Vin Diesel: (groan)

Erin White: Do you like that choice? For Batman?

Vin Diesel: I don’t give a fuck about Batman. Or who plays Batman.

Hahaha. I like very much that he, first of all, does not care about Batman AT ALL. Full stop. And then only second of all he does not care about the recent casting news. Like, do NOT even try to talk to Vin Diesel about Batman: The Animated Series, because he just does not care about any of it. He isn’t a child. Why are you asking him children’s questions? NEXT. (Video of the interview after the jump.)

Very good answer, sincerely. Love you, Vin.