The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

There are few times when I am more grateful for my job than when I tear myself away from reading about nightmares playing themselves out in reality in order to try to find videos that are cuter than “Three Kittens Fall Asleep At The Same Time.” Haha. You know, WORK? Those are good moments. We all have to be grateful for the little moments in our lives. Right? Like the moments we spend watching all of the videos in The Petting Zoo every week. (I’m trying to think of any non animal video-related moments that a person should be grateful for and I can’t, really?) (Oh, maybe the moment it’s bedtime again?) So let’s stop wasting time and get started on this good moment. PLEASE? HAVEN’T WE ALREADY WASTED ENOUGH TIME TODAY NOT WATCHING ANIMAL VIDEOS IN A LIST FORMAT THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING, REALLY?! Let’s go!

10. Pug Reacts To Motorcycle

9. Squirrel Needs Some Napkins

8. Life Is But A Puppy Dream

7. Kitten Drinking Milk From A Bottle

6. Three Kittens Fall Asleep At The Same Time

5. Monkey Wearing A Coat Plays In The Snow*

4. Cat Wants A Kiss

3. Tiny Puppies On Tiny Couches

2. Goats On A Little Jumpy Bridge

1. Rickina The Baby Orangutan Meets And Plays With Other Orangutans

*This video is not number one because who even knows if the monkey wants to be in that coat playing in the snow. I hope the monkey is okay!