That’s Your Boyfriend: The Man With 9,000 Dolls

“Have you ever met someone who was so passionate about something that it made you feel like you were, I don’t know, living life halfway? Like if you could just find the thing that you’re that passionate about you’d be imbued with this new driving force — a new reason to wake up, something to work hard for? That’s how I felt when I met Jian, the man with 9,000 dolls, some of which are very expensive, some not so expensive. Normally I’d be a little jealous of his passion, but, if I can be honest with you, when I met him I was so overwhelmed with desire that I could barely feel anything else. I knew I had to make him mine, like he has made so many dolls (9,000) his. Am I jealous of his relationship with the dolls? Sure, sometimes. He warned me ahead of time that many of his ex-girlfriends grew jealous of the dolls and left, but I told him not to worry. I am stronger than those girls, and more secure in my non-doll self. Do I look up doll makeup tutorials on YouTube and practice every day? OF COURSE. But that’s just for me! Those girls look adorable, and who wouldn’t want to look adorable? Anyway, now I know what it’s like to have that driving force in your life, the thing that keeps you going — it’s my man, Jian. The man with 9,000 dolls in his apartment.” – You

You are very lucky to have each other. (Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth!)