Flutist Lulls Both Us And A Hibernating Bear Back To Sleep

That’s it, just close your eyes. Try not to listen to the man shouting to his friends about how the bear keeps waking up, practically begging for the death that has for some reason not yet fallen upon him and his flutist friend. Thaaat’s it. Find a comfortable position. You haven’t got a care or worry in the world; all that’s left to do now is listen to the flutist and fall peacefully back to slee–GOTCHA!!

WAKE UP! It’s time to go back to work! It’s time to go to school! SUMMER’S OVER, EVERYBODY! The lights are on and the school bus is waiting! Dave is downstairs with the carpool and wants to remind you that next week is your week! There’s an Eggo on the counter for you! Do you know where your first class is? Do you have your schedule? Is there anything you had to bring with you? Are you ready for your brief respite from the normal day-to-day, even though you did still have to go to work every day, it just somehow felt different, maybe because it didn’t get dark at 6pm and everyone was a little more relaxed, to come to an end?! AW YEAH! WELCOME BACK! YOUR LIFE STARTS NOOOOW! (Via ViralViral.)