The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco Open Thread

Did you guys watch Comedy Central’s Roast of James Franco last night? It would make sense if you did, as James Franco is certainly within our interest-range, and many of our pals were on the dais: Seth Rogan, Nick Kroll, Bill Hader, Sarah Silverman, Aziz Ansari, and Andy Samberg! (Plus Jonah Hill, Natasha Leggero, and Jeff Ross, who I don’t think are our friends, necessarily.) (Though who knows, they could be your friends!) (You got 2 do you.) If you didn’t catch it, though, let me give you a recap: in the year 2013, white people made fun on how the only non-white wasn’t white, and heterosexuals made fun of the fact that one of them might be gay! Also people are fat and Jewish. YOU’VE BEEN ROASTED, LADIES AND GENTS! It was stupid and awful with moments of being all right, but it was probably our fault for expecting anything different, if we did. Unless you are Norm MacDonald (or, in this case, Andy Samberg), roasts are garbage! At the VERY least, they are not for us. (Us = Me, really, but I’m lumping you in with me and there is nothing you can do about it.) This one was especially odd, as the panel of roasters was made up of friends who repeatedly expressed their love for each other between generic Comedy Central Roast-style gay, fat, and Indian jokes said with an adopted mean voice that meant nothing. It was weird! And made me uncomfortable! I’M 2 SWEET 4 ROASTS & JOKES THAT R’NT 2 GOOD! Everyone looked nice in their formalwear, though. Right? Did you watch it? What did you think? I’ve included a few clips below, in case you’re curious. I suggest watching Bill Hader and Andy Samberg. Then I suggest turning off your computers, throwing them out the window, grabbing a worthwhile book, and hiding with it where no one will ever find you again! TAKE CONTROL OF UR LIVES!

Seth Rogan:

Andy Samberg:

Bill Hader:

Aziz Ansari

Nick Kroll:

Sarah Silverman: