This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

There are only a few trailers this week, which is appropriate, as it is the Friday before Labor Day — our final summer weekend — and we should not be spending all of our time putting our two cents in about movie trailers. We should only be spending some of our time on that, and then some of our time trying to sneak out of our offices in order to start our long weekends! So let’s get to it!


God, can’t tweens just listen to punk music and memorize bits of Jello Biafa’s spoken word albums anymore? Does it always have to be a dystopian murder nightmare?! “DON’T try and define me.” “Okay, we were just going to try and murder you?” “Oh. Okay.” #shailene

Dallas Buyers Club

This movie looks great! Because I don’t know anything, I did not have very high expectations of this movie before I watched the trailer — and who knows, trailers can be deceiving — but yes, this looks very good. Jared Leto looks like he does a great job. Matthew McConaughey also looks like he does a great job. I’m glad he is in real movies again. And I’m glad Jared Leto doesn’t let being Jared Leto get in the way of his acting. Yes! This movie!

Narco Cultura

Breaking Bad has drawn a lot of attention to cartels and, less so but still, Mexican groups who sing about their actions, but did you know that THEY ARE ALSO REAL AND VERY SCARY? This documentary looks very interesting and terrifying and I would like to see it when it comes out in the fall. The end.