Is It Time To Start The Internet Campaign For A Luther Movie?

ATTN. THE WEB: In a recent interview, the creator of beloved television series mentioned the possibility of filming a movie counterpart to that beloved television series. The creator mentioned having written the script. The creator also spoke a bit about the premise. The lead actor in the series expressed interest in filming the movie. At no point were any concrete plans to actually create the movie mentioned. Please head to your panic rooms until you are given the all clear. From the BBC:

Idris Elba’s troubled detective John Luther could be heading for the big screen, series creator Neil Cross says. […]

“I’ve written the script and we hope to get the film made next year,” he told the Edinburgh Television Festival. Idris is a brilliant leading man and we’ve hoped to turn Luther into a movie for a long time.”

“It will follow his career in the earlier days, when he is still married to Zoe, and the final scene in the film is the first of the initial TV series.”

Elba has expressed an interest in turning the story into a film before, telling audiences at a Bafta preview for Luther’s third series it was “definitely a goal.”

PRESIDENT OBAMA, PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION FOR GOD TO FINALLY GIVE US A LUTHER MOVIE, FOR ONCE IN OUR LIVES! Ugggh, this is taking foreverrrr, where is it?! 10 years ago we had a Luther movie, an Arrested Development movie, a Party Down movie, and a sequel to Wet Hot American Summer. Now we have no Luther movie, no Arrested Development movie, no Party Down movie, and no sequel to Wet Hot American Summer. What? I DON’T KNOW! Gimme the movie! What if the Luther prequel were a series of albums? What if the Luther prequel were the cast of Community? What if the Luther prequel were Muppet Babies JUST GIMMME!