The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

There isn’t a lot of good news going around these days. (“There isn’t a lot of good news going around these days” is going the tagline of the time travel movie I’m working on.) We don’t need to talk about it. I almost talked about something and then I erased it, because WE DON’T NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT. None of it. Nothing. We’re in our safe space. All we need to talk about right now are dogs and cats and whatever other animals doing stupid and silly and cute things in front of video cameras, so the videos could later be uploaded to the Internet and then put into an order that largely means nothing, unless there are some clear standouts, in which case the order does try to bring the standouts to the front, on a blog about Aaron Paul fanfic and trampoline accidents. Okay? Deal? After you watch all the videos then we can go back to learning about things that will make us upset, but now all we have to do is relax and watch a dumb cat open a drawer. Deal. LETS! GET! TO IT!

10. Jumping Bear

9. DEER!

8. Mini Surprise

7. Dog Passes Ball To Baby Girl

6. Baby Lambs, Lambing It Up

5. Cat Gets #BUSTED

4. Panda Playground

3. Blind Kellar Plays Fetch

2. Baby Pygmy Slow Loris

1. Dancing Baby Ostriches