Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Alexander Skarsgard drunkenly cheered for his team at a football match in Sweden recently. The stars, they’re just like not us exactly but certainly people we know or at the very least people we have come across in life! -Dlisted
  • Vice recently published a very sad, but very funny, Cory Feldmen-approved account of a Cory Feldman party. Defamer upped the ante by publishing an account of a Cory Feldmen orgy. This one is pretty much just sad! -FilmDrunk
  • Here is a supercut of the worst rap scenes in movie history. -NextMovie
  • Batman Vs. Superman fan trailer, y’all! NERD ALERT! NERD ALERT! -/Film
  • Danny McBride is developing a new show for HBO and APPARENTLY has had “several serious talks” with Lindsay Lohan about starring in it. -Splitsider
  • And finally, Belle & Sebastian just released a new video featuring Hannah Murray from Game of Thrones and Skins. She was one of my fave girls on Skins! CASSIIEEEE! -Stereogum