Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • The E.T.-inspired photograph was NOT photoshopped. Can you imagine? Living in a world where something is impressive simply because it hasn’t been digitally altered? (It is a good pic tho.) -PetaPixel
  • “Why Everything You Know About Binge-Viewing Is Wrong” is the name of this article. What do you know about it? Anything? I hope you don’t know anything about it, that would be easier, apparently. -Variety
  • The 12 Monkeys TV show got a pilot order from SyFy. -/Film
  • Uhh. Matt Damon might return to the Borne franchise. Why? Is it because he thinks he might have forgotten his cell phone there and it’s on silent, so he just has to go look? Click 2 find out! -FilmDrunk
  • One Direction got booed last night, apparently! But Lady Gaga told them that they deserved everything that they had. What a weird world some people live in. -Dlisted