This Peter Dinklage Hula-Hooping Photo Is The Least The Internet Can Do For Us

We give and give and give to the Internet every day — our time, our money, our soul, our ability to concentrate on a single thing, our privacy, our patience, our ability to leave people in our past, our jokes, our mundane thoughts, our embarrassments that will now live forever when they otherwise would’ve been quickly forgotten or perhaps wouldn’t have happened at all, our, I don’t know, time again? I think we can list time twice — and what does it ever give us? Blurry eyes and poor posture. THAT’S IT! (That and also lots of good stuff.) (Like TV recaps and unconfirmed casting news!) (JK. I’m still buried and the dirt is all in my eyes and ears so I can’t tell if you got the joke.) With that in mind, this photo of Peter Dinklage light-up-rainbow hula-hooping in a gay bar in Canada feels, if nothing else, deserved. You owe us at the very least a photo of Peter Dinklage light-up rainbow hula-hooping in a gay bar in Canada, Internet. After all we do for you, to ourselves? After what you’ve done to us? Really, we should be arguing for TWO photos of Peter Dinklage light-up-rainbow hula-hooping in different bars in Canada, but, you know, you’ve taken even our energy to do that. We just don’t have it in us to argue about it. We accept your gift, and we are grateful. It’s all we can do. (Full-sized hula-hooping after the jump.) (Via Dlisted.)