Wait, The Geekie Awards? What?

“Finally, an award show for us! The nerds!” Ugh, imagine. Hahah. Sometimes it’s just fun to imagine things only to make yourself mad. Someone saying, “You know, for years us geeks have had to sit through everybody else’s awards shows — the Academy Awards, the VMAs, the Teen Choice Awards, and I could go on and on and on — and now it’s time for them to sit through our awards show! THE GEEKIE AWARDS! IT’S OUR TIME!” Hahahaha, ahhhh, what a nightmare. “WHO RUN THE WORLD? (GEEKS!)” But, so, anyway, The Geekie Awards is an award ceremony that newly exists. If I have to know the Geekie Awards exists and is a thing that happened on Sunday, and if I have to have looked at who presented and who won at the Geekie Awards’ website, you have to, too. I’m not going to carry the self-congratulatory award show meets self-congratulatory nerd culture weight alone. I’m only one person! The first award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, was presented by Seth Green to Stan Lee. And then he sang a song about Geeks? I don’t know, I’m already buried, don’t wake me up!

I can’t hear you under the weight of all this dirt! My bones are being crushed and I felt the pain at first, but now it just feels right. The darkness is somehow getting darker? Both darker and brighter. You’d think not being able to breathe would be frustrating, but it’s actually kind of a relief! The bugs are my friends now. Goodnight! (Via FilmDrunk.)