How To Make A Ramen Burger At Home

1. Don’t.
2. Throw the ingredients you bought for your Ramen Burger into the garbage.
3. Just kidding, get them out of the garbage; don’t waste perfectly fine ingredients. Wash them off if there’s garbage stuff on them.
5. Why do you want a Ramen Burger? Think about why you want a Ramen Burger. Sit down and really think about it, that’s step five.
6. Like, if you were at a weird fair someplace and it was some weird local thing you stumbled across then, maybe, sure, eat a Ramen Burger, when in Rome, but it’s not that. Why are you going to make one in your house? Do you know that if you have the right ingredients, you can make just about anything you want in your house? Why are you going to eat one in Brooklyn? Just because somebody started making them? What are you doing?
7. It’s not even like a Cronut. Like, it’s not even something that, even if it’s not something for which you’re going to stand in line for hours, you can tell is going to be good. But it IS like a Cronut in that you can tell exactly what it is going to be like.
8. STOP.

9. Don’t do it.
10. Don’t fucking do it, I’m serious.

(Via HighDefinite.)