Viewers Call 911 When Cable Goes Out During Breaking Bad, Duh

What would you do if your cable went out during Breaking Bad? Please don’t freak out, this is just a hypothetical! No one is saying your cable will or even might go out during Breaking Bad, though anything can happen, and you should probably have a back-up plan ready, not that I’m trying to tell you how to live your life, I’m just saying that when you sit down and flip on the TV to watch one of the final episodes of one of the greatest television series of all time and your TV tells you that there’s a problem and that you have to call Time Warner, or whoever, so you do, but the robot voice does not understand what your problem is, so you ask to speak to a human and the recording tells you that there are 33 callers ahead of you, all while everyone else is enjoying and live-tweeting the new episode, UH-MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE A BACKUP. So, what would you do? Who you gonna call? 911, because that’s what everyone has always told you to do in an emergency for, like, basically your entire life? That’s what I’d say! But APPARENTLY you’re not supposed to do that, according to CONNECTICUT. Ugh. And their videos play automatically there, apparently, so BEWARE OF THAT, TOO!

Uh, yeah, IS THERE A LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCY? You tell me, Mr. 911! Because there better be a life threatening emergency if my TV doesn’t shove Breaking Bad in my face in the next two seconds! TREAD LIGHTLY, 911! I AM THE DANGER (TO THE OTHER PEOPLE TRYING TO CALL 911)! I AM THE ONE WHO CALLS! (YOU!) (ABOUT MY CABLE GOING OUT!) (FIX IT!!!!!!!!) (Via Mediaite.)