New Avril Lavigne Video, Y’all! (Feat. Billy Zane, Danica McKellar, And Sony Phone)

Ring, ring, ring, y’all! Better pick up your Sony Phones no matter where they might be, in a fishbowl, in your beer [AIRHORN!], in your XxxXxdisgustingxXxxX toilet, or wherever, man, ’cause it don’t matter where you put your Sony Phone ’cause it’s sick as hell 5-inch, 1080p HD screen, punk as f*%K 13.1-megapixel camera, and quad-core QualcomMmmMmmmm processor, can be submerged in water for up to thirty minute$$$! [AIRHORN!][AIRHORN!][AIRHORN!][AIRHORN!][AIRHORN!][AIRHORN!] NOW I WANNA SONY PHONE, NOW I WANNA HAVE SOMETHIN’ TO BONE! Ramones, y’all! [AIRHORN!][AIRHORN!][AIRHORN!] You better pick up that rock ‘n’ roll machine, ’cause you know who’s calling? Oh yeah it’s that hardcore bitch, don’t step on her shit, y’all, ’cause she’s rock hard ’til they day she dies, AVRIL LAVIGNEEEEEEEEE! [AIRHORN!][AIRHORN!] And you know she’s got her boy Billy Zane and her girl Danica McKellar and her references to existence of segways, and also The Wonder Years, and also Guns ‘n’ Roses, and I guess Tank Girl, along for the wild ride! Don’t snooze on your boob tubes, CHECK-AH-CHECK-AH-CHECK IT OUT! (CHECK IT OUT!)

If it looks like rock ‘n’ roll and it sounds like rock ‘n’ roll, you know it’s gotta be #ROCKNROLL. #sonyphone (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)